Capturing and communicating human experience across cultures

Growing up in three distinct cultures – rural Latvia, a farming community in the high desert of Central Oregon and the historic city of Bath, UK – has given me a unique worldview and capacity to appreciate the essence of each place and person I encounter.

I know and love people from all walks of life, with vastly differing political convictions, interests, talents and backgrounds. Whether creating a life story book for a Latvian young person who grew up in the care system, photographing a dusty cattle drive in the Oregon desert or collaborating with a model on a fashion shoot at an English beach, I make a connection with each subject based on deep respect for who they are.

I came to photography through my first artistic love of Textiles. During my A Level Textiles course I created a number of wearable art pieces set in specific environments, such as derelict buildings or a birch forest, and, in order to create my portfolio, I had to photograph these pieces in situ. Thus began my photographic experiments, which led to the Press & Editorial Photography course at Falmouth University in Cornwall where I have completed my 2nd year. View my CV here.

Cover photo: Esther Roth, Arizona, 2021. Portrait: Dan Senior, East London, 2023.
Latvian translation: Marta Štila

These collections of posts from each of my three homes give a flavour of my life in each place.

United Kingdom

Renewal of Vows

The lovely Fensom family on Perranporth Beach.

East London

Street photography from Falmouth University’s London week.


Latvian Folk Dance

Latvian folk dancers of different generations perform a traditional dance.


Diks Bortnikovs, near Ērgļi, Latvia.


Slavik visits refugees from Ukraine living in Kabile, Latvia.


Lydia Abrahams at Kāla Lake.


Sanda Leimane at “Lazdas”, Ērgļi, Latvia


Bethany Peterson in Ērgļi, Latvia.

The Dutchies

Latvian-Dutch collaboration distributing food in Madona, Latvia.

United States of America


Julie Roth at the Painted Hills, Oregon.

Cattle Drive

Cattle drive in the High Desert of Central Oregon featuring David Roth.
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