Clothes Communicate #1 – Slavik

This is the first in a series entitled “Clothes Communicate”.  I’ve been visiting people at home who have opened up their wardrobes and talked to me about how their clothes reflect their personalities. My first subject was Slavik. Here is his story:

To Slavik, his clothes communicate his characteristics of  SIMPLICITY, CREATIVITY AND HAPPINESS.

I asked Slavik if he observes any dress codes, for example when he goes to church. He said that nowadays it isn’t so important and that it depends on what is going on in the world. When he lived in the Far East he had specific clothes for Sundays, for work at the children’s shelter, for going out and relaxing, because then, life was very predictable and organised. Slavik said, “If I was standing in the pulpit, I would be dressed in a certain way. But now on Sundays I visit Ukrainian refugees in Tilža, a small village in eastern Latvia. Instead of standing in a pulpit we sit around a table. There might be just 5 people. It’s cold – maybe just 10 degrees, so I will wear something warm. I think it would also make people uncomfortable if they were dressed casually and I was the only one in a suit and tie.”

Thank you Katie Roth and Vineta Zāle for help with writing and translating the text.

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