Clothes Communicate #4 – Jonny & Claire

Jonny and Claire met at Oregon State University. They share a love for Western-style line and swing dancing. In this series of images, Jonny and Claire are practising some of their favourite dance lifts.

For Claire what she wears represents what she wants her future to look like. She says, “When it comes to Western clothes, I dress for the life I envision, working with livestock on a ranch. The clothes are practical, offering protection for the job.

I found country dancing in college when I already preferred this style of clothing. Boots can be useful for loud stomps, which ultimately just makes it more fun. The jeans are comfortable and flexible, which makes them perfect for dancing, and for the same reasons are useful for riding horses and chasing cows. When it comes down to it, I feel most comfortable in these clothes in everything I do.”

For Jonny, the Western style represents two main things, hard work and practicality. He says, “I primarily wear what I do to serve a purpose. For instance, cowboy boots are waterproof and are designed in such a way that riding a horse is easier and safer. The jeans can withstand wear and tear and they protect me when riding through brush. The clothes I wear need to be comfortable. I don’t want to be thinking about how uncomfortable I am, but to focus on the work ahead.

When it comes to dancing, Western wear brings my two areas of thought together. As long as it is not a very hot day, this style is very practical to dance in. The boots allow for loud stomping and the rest masks how much I am sweating!”

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