Clothes Communicate #2 – Sintija & Kate

The photo shoot for the second post in my CLOTHES COMMUNICATE series was full of fun and laughter as I got to know a mother and daughter, Sintija and Kate Māliņa.

When I started the CLOTHES COMMUNICATE project, getting people to make connections between their personalities and their clothes was initially a bit of a challenge. After some research though, I came up with a fun approach, asking people to sort through adjectives that might describe someone’s personality, ending up with just 5 words that best described them. We talked about how those characteristics come out in their everyday life and are reflected in their clothes. In this way, it was surprisingly easy to get into really interesting conversations and draw out fascinating insights from each person I photographed, which was definitely the case with Sintija and Kate.

One online Latvian-English dictionary offers the words “sincere, warm-hearted, hearty, cordial, affectionate”, but in my opinion none of these on their own captures the full meaning. However, as I write this paragraph introducing Sintija and Kate the word “BIG-HEARTED” comes to mind as a possible translation and I think this is the term I will use. Sintija’s other two adjectives to describe her personality were LOGICAL and OPTIMISTIC which are maybe more ‘grown-up’ words, whilst Kate’s remaining adjectives were HAPPY and HARD-WORKING.

This photograph captures the verve and vitality of Sintija and Kate’s bubbly personalities. As I listened to the recording I made of our conversation, it was full of laughter. I don’t think anyone could spend much time in their presence without catching some of their infectious joy. 

Sintija currently works as a Human Resources manager for the local council, but I remember her when she worked at school. She was in charge of all the extracurricular activities, including a wide variety of after-school activities and events in collaboration with the student council. The job also involved organising international camps with friends from our twin towns in Germany and the Netherlands. Sintija remembers those years as very interesting and full of fun. 

Our photo shoot took place on the eve of Kate’s 11th birthday. She told us she likes playing the piano, volleyball, orienteering and running. She also enjoys travelling, especially to warm countries where she can do lots of swimming and sunbathing.


Kate has a lot of sparkly clothes with sequins because, as well as playing the piano, she also sings, and often performs in concerts and special events.  Sintija considers that performing on stage demands both confidence, courage and hard work. I have seen some of Kate’s performances and they really reflect her natural, unassuming confidence and joyful, energetic personality. She is able to connect with the audience in a very special way. 

Sintija also likes clothes that glitter and sparkle, anything with a bit of gold or silver. Her Dad says she is like a crow that collects shiny things!

I asked Kate if pink had always been her favourite colour and she showed me a kindergarten photo of herself in a pink dress, holding pink flowers. It brought back fond memories of my own days of loving everything pink!



I will leave the last word to Sintija herself, as she described her own definition of the Latvian word SIRSNĪGS, which I have translated in this photo story as BIG-HEARTED:

Photos from Sintija & Kate’s Adventures

Sintija and Kate sent me some pictures from their world travels that demonstrate how their clothes communicate their personalities.

Thank you Katie Roth and Sintija Māliņa for help with writing and translating the text.

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