Vicky grew up watching football, F1 and ice hockey with her family. This family tradition has influenced her style since she was a little girl.

For Vicky, wearing the sports jersey of her favourite team is a form of communication. She says, ‘’If you wear your football top out it’s highly likely someone will spark a conversation about it.” She explained that for her it’s part of being British. Going to her local pub wearing her favourite jersey and watching the game gives her a sense of community.

Vicky will go to extraordinary lengths to buy a sports jersey. Even though they are really expensive, she is willing to spend money on them and not just to pay for the cost of the jersey itself. She once went to Barcelona, catching a flight at 07:00 just to buy a football top. She ended up buying two tops, a lighter and a hat and getting a tour of the stadium. She said, “It was a nice day, but I spent a lot of money!” However, the trip meant a lot to her and she says she will remember that day for a long time.

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