Latvian Folk Dance

I took some still photographs for a video project created to celebrate the 10th European Music Therapy Day. The theme this year is “Together We Sing and Dance” so adults and children were filmed dancing together, performing the traditional dance, “Mugurdancis”. The costumes, music and dances are fundamental to Latvian culture and identity, known and loved from early childhood to old age.

I didn’t make the film, but here it is:

Music therapist Santa Zaula-Dūmiņa and dancers from Ērgļi trained by Antra Grīnberga perform a traditional dance entitled “Mugurdancis”.

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Sanda Leimane at “Lazdas”, Ērgļi, Latvia


Bethany Peterson in Ērgļi, Latvia.


Lydia Abrahams in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.
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